Wonderful Wednesday


So much happened yesterday where do I begin?

My new web page is almost ready: ( the best part about that is you will be able to post questions there about the book Primeval Scream.  You might want to ask questions about me – I will be honest.  PLEASE DO NOT POST QUESTIONS YET IT ISN’T LIVE.

The Evening Soiree I am having on 11th September was very well received.  I was contacted by someone I have not heard from since my Army days who hopes to join the celebration too.

A friend also called me to say someone had left a review on Amazon and said exactly what he wanted to.  I asked what this was and he replied, ‘Primeval Scream is a story that had to be written and has to be read!’  I sat silently at the end of the telephone thinking what a powerful statement.  Primeval Scream deals with real issues and he is right these issues are things we are afraid to say out loud.  I know not everyone is a Peter but there are many many Peter’s who have not yet been found.

I cannot give details of the guys coming to entertain on 11th September just yet but they are booked.   The venue I will announce of Saturday after a final meeting with the manager.

Have a wonderful Wednesday I will let you all know when the new site is live PROMISE.

Wonderful Wednesday

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