Thursday is this the land of make believe?


Like the song, I keep asking myself is this the land of make believe for many many reasons.  Yesterday two people I haven’t seen for years managed to seek me out and say hello.  It is wonderful to reminisce about a shared past and have you noticed when you do it is the good things you remember and share.  It is invigorating.

One of my advisors from the publishers called me last night and spent a great deal of her time advising me.  I had so many questions I felt sorry for her, anyone who knows me will be able to say that I can talk for England and sometimes forget to shut up.  Still if was really worthwhile for me so a great big thank you for that.

Then a friend called round to see me, he is reading the book and seemed quite agitated.  The book had hit a chord with him about a family he knows who seem to be struggling.   He said, ‘You rarely see the children outside and when they do they act in inappropriate ways’.  Until yesterday he had turned a blind eye, you know the way we all do.  He told me he noticed the mother shouting at two of the children and simply asked, “Are you OK?”  He said he didn’t know who was most shocked, the mother, the children or him.  Silently she shook her head and cried.  Then he asked, “What can I do?”  What a fantastic way to act I thought.  Shaking her head she implored him to call for help with the signal to her ear.  Not knowing who to call he dialled 999.  They guided him to a service that could support families in crisis.  Tearfully he looked at me adding, “I couldn’t see another Peter starting!”

Well let’s all hope we don’t have to intercede in this way.  Or when we do, we have the courage too.  Let’s hope no one has to live their lives in the land of make believe and that that land is there for dreams happy ones.

Thursday is this the land of make believe?