Thursday is this the land of make believe?


Like the song, I keep asking myself is this the land of make believe for many many reasons.  Yesterday two people I haven’t seen for years managed to seek me out and say hello.  It is wonderful to reminisce about a shared past and have you noticed when you do it is the good things you remember and share.  It is invigorating.

One of my advisors from the publishers called me last night and spent a great deal of her time advising me.  I had so many questions I felt sorry for her, anyone who knows me will be able to say that I can talk for England and sometimes forget to shut up.  Still if was really worthwhile for me so a great big thank you for that.

Then a friend called round to see me, he is reading the book and seemed quite agitated.  The book had hit a chord with him about a family he knows who seem to be struggling.   He said, ‘You rarely see the children outside and when they do they act in inappropriate ways’.  Until yesterday he had turned a blind eye, you know the way we all do.  He told me he noticed the mother shouting at two of the children and simply asked, “Are you OK?”  He said he didn’t know who was most shocked, the mother, the children or him.  Silently she shook her head and cried.  Then he asked, “What can I do?”  What a fantastic way to act I thought.  Shaking her head she implored him to call for help with the signal to her ear.  Not knowing who to call he dialled 999.  They guided him to a service that could support families in crisis.  Tearfully he looked at me adding, “I couldn’t see another Peter starting!”

Well let’s all hope we don’t have to intercede in this way.  Or when we do, we have the courage too.  Let’s hope no one has to live their lives in the land of make believe and that that land is there for dreams happy ones.

Thursday is this the land of make believe?

Wonderful Wednesday


So much happened yesterday where do I begin?

My new web page is almost ready: ( the best part about that is you will be able to post questions there about the book Primeval Scream.  You might want to ask questions about me – I will be honest.  PLEASE DO NOT POST QUESTIONS YET IT ISN’T LIVE.

The Evening Soiree I am having on 11th September was very well received.  I was contacted by someone I have not heard from since my Army days who hopes to join the celebration too.

A friend also called me to say someone had left a review on Amazon and said exactly what he wanted to.  I asked what this was and he replied, ‘Primeval Scream is a story that had to be written and has to be read!’  I sat silently at the end of the telephone thinking what a powerful statement.  Primeval Scream deals with real issues and he is right these issues are things we are afraid to say out loud.  I know not everyone is a Peter but there are many many Peter’s who have not yet been found.

I cannot give details of the guys coming to entertain on 11th September just yet but they are booked.   The venue I will announce of Saturday after a final meeting with the manager.

Have a wonderful Wednesday I will let you all know when the new site is live PROMISE.

Wonderful Wednesday

Tuesday is for chasing rainbows.


Take a breath its Tuesday.  As promised, I met with the manager of a quaint country pub I go to every Friday yesterday.  You see I am so lucky I take my mother, who is 86, there for a meal the people in the bar appreciate how wonderful my mother is and has been as a parent and treat her like a queen. Mind it is one of those old English pubs where a real welcome is had by everyone.

When I told John, the manager, I wanted to invite friends to share in the launch of my book, Primeval Scream, he could not have been nicer.  So we came  with a time and a date for this soiree so everyone can put it in their diary, everyone who can attend that is.

The date for the Evening Soiree is 11 September 2015 Start Time 20:30, quite late but it matches the dark nature of the book. There will be a famous duo performing a few numbers too (will tell you about them nearer the time) and if you can get we can meet each other too.

I’m lucky to have had the parents I did as they both worked hard to ensure their three children were happy.  Thinking about this I did a little work last week and everyone who has the book knows the opening gambit give me a boy… and so on.  I was talking to a young lad aged 7 who attends a very good ‘public school’ in Durham about his future: he gave me a full account of his route; the college he would be going to in Oxford, then the law firm he would be joining, just like his father and so on.  I was astonished his account was so detailed.

After a while I thought to myself, could other children do that?  Most at seven, because of circumstances, have no idea what they will be doing.  Many are trying to survive.  It is our role to break down these barriers, ensure the safety of the young in society.  It is only when they are safe can they truly be happy. It is only when they are happy that they can consider their future.  It is only when everyone is fulfilled that society will be the inclusive place we all pray for.

Have you done anything to help today?  Have you heard any of the silent primeval screams many children give?  Sometimes you may miss them so silent are they.

Can you help one child on the way to finding their pot of gold at the end of their rainbow?  Everyone can make a difference.


Tuesday is for chasing rainbows.